This retreat blessed me deep within my heart.

This past May I had the honor of joining a group of wonderful ladies on the first retreat I’ve ever gone to.  The SHR team did an amazing job of making sure each lady who attended felt special and cherished.  I almost did not go to this retreat because I did not feel like I needed it.  I was so wrong.  God touched my heart through the speakers and the worship.  I was reminded of just how much I matter to him and those around me.  This retreat blessed me deep within my heart.  I experienced physical healing and spiritual restoration.  In the weeks afterward I have had a song in my heart and joy and peace like I have not experienced in a long time.  It was worth it.  My spiritual compass was recalibrated and I’m pointing to true north.  My focus is on Jesus and his love and presence in my daily life through his Holy Spirit.  As God changes me I am able to navigate my circumstances with renewed confidence in he who holds everything in his hands.  I praise God that I was able to attend and would recommend it to anyone.  Whether you think you need it or not you will be blessed.